Who, What, Why

After having a photography website for a few years, I’ve just now realised why I want to blog, and who my target audience is..slow learner right?

It’s primarily for me (us), it’s a way for us to re-live our travel adventures or weekend trips, akin to an electronic book, or photo album.

The upside of this medium is that I can easily share it with my friends and family wherever they may be, it also means they can choose to look or not, no high-pressure slideshows with a cup of tea after a bbq at our house!
So it’s quite likely the images won’t be perfect, the writing won’t be grammatically correct, and I won’t update it unless I go somewhere or do something picture worthy, but it will be honest, and meaningful to me, and hopefully to some of you.

The first few blogs will be retrospective of the most recent adventures over the last few years, just to get me into the swing of things, after that we’ll just have to wait and see, so by all means join us for the adventure, comment or don’t comment (whatever you like), and if you have any questions about how what, where etc don’t hesitate to ask, but whatever you do,

Stay well until we meet again,


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