Wikipedia describes it thus – A town in the region of Emilia-Romagna in the Provence of Modena, Northern Italy…blah, blah, blah, the home of Ferrari and the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team!

Thats the only thing I cared about – the only reason we visited – full stop no more to say!

Thats what I’m talking about!

We arrived on a Sunday in late afternoon, and after checking into our motel (Maranello Village), we decided to go for a drive around to familiarise ourselves with the lay of the land, including how to get to the Ferrari Museum.

Once we’d accomplished that. we decided it was time to get some food and perhaps a birra or glass of vino, nothing to it I hear you say – Think again people…. finding something to eat late on Sunday afternoon in downtown Maranello was like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack (FYI – we didn’t find it).

Who knew no one eats out on a Sunday evening in Maranello?? that was conspicuously absent from any of the literature I read about the place, and the hungrier I got the more I cursed Maranello and everyone in it.

We thought we found something quite early in our quest only to be told it was a private party, not to be deterred we kept searching, every time we saw a group of cars or people we stopped and prayed for food and beer, and all we found was Gelati…

Don’t get me wrong I love Gelati as much as the next man, but a substantial meal after a long day’s driving it does not make.

After what seemed like an eternity we found a pub which had cold beer, and some sort of food in a warmer (there is a god), and at this point I was about ready to eat my shoes, so we sat and had a beer while the nice barmaid warmed our food, which we took back to the motel to consume – it was quite honestly the worst meal we had in the whole of Italy, but my shoes lived to walk another mile, and my hunger was sufficiently kept at bay.

The Ferrari museum was fantastic, if you’re a car tragic like myself you’ll love it, sadly I didn’t take one for a drive despite there being a plethora of opportunities – There’s always next time, and then I’ll make sure I get there during the week!


Pictures HERE.


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