TriesteTrieste sits just inside the Italian border, with Slovenia just 20 minutes away. It is a port city, situated on tha Adriatic Sea, with a lovely serene feel and a literary history. Trieste is not a large city, and is very multicultural, more Austro-Hungarian than classic Italian, reflecting the fact that the city was ruled by the Hasburgs for over 400 years.

Whilst Trieste was our place of choice for a day drip to Venice, it was a beautiful spot to visit in its own right. We stayed at the Residence San Marco, right above the San Marco cafe. The San Marco cafe is over 100 years old, and  is said to be one of the cafes favoured by James Joyce during his time in Trieste. The cafe has a wonderful literary atmosphere. It was a great place to have coffee and ponder on life. It was here we first came across Orangina, a orange based drink, that can be drunk on its own or fortified with Campari and other spirits.

Hold on to your hat as you discover the windy streets of Trieste. There is the  Piazza dell’Unita d’Italia featuring the Town Hall and the Palazzo del Lloyd Adriatic, and you’ll also find the Fountain of the four continents here. The square which reaches down to the sea is worth a visit at sunset and also at night. A stroll along the  waterfront at any time if the day is lovely, at sunset even better. Trieste also has its own Grande Canal, and the Roman theatre is also worth a look. There are many other streets and Piazza to explore and a climb up some never ending steep stairs will get you to the Parco Della Rimembranza e Colle di San Giusto. From here there are great views over the city.

Trieste – An unexpected treasure.

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