Plitvice and KRKA National Parks

Waterfalls and more waterfalls!

PlitviceNPPlitvice Lakes National Park is a 295sq km reserve in central Croatia.  The National Park is home to sixteen lakes, connected by a series of waterfalls.  It is as if the waterfalls are neverending, everywhere you look there is water coming out of the ground. As it was early in the season, some of the waterfalls were closed, however that did not matter as there was still plenty to see. We took a boat ride to the upper lakes, and walked back to the main entrance. There are many boardwalks and pathways to explore with plenty of stunning scenery.  The water is so clear, and the colour of  some of the lakes is a beautiful green.  A lovely place to spend a few hours wandering and enjoying nature at its best.

After a morning at Plitvice we backtracked up the road a little to visit the small watermill village of Rastoke. Rastoke is located where the Slunjcica river splits into several branches flowing accoss cascades into the Korana River.  There is a series of waterfalls and streams that flow through the village, in some places waterways appear from beneath houses. We had lunch here and took a walk around. Absolutely worth a visit.

Skradinski Buk_krka

Sibenik and Krka National Park

Our next stop was Sibenik located on the Adriatic Coast and for us the stepping stone to Krka National Park.  We did enjoy our time in Sibenik, it was a lovely city, on the small side, and pleasant to wander around. We visitied St Michael Fortress made of white stone with panoramic views of Sibenik Bay. Our accomodation here was outstanding at the Andrija Apartment. It was a little out of the city centre, but the hospitality was fantastic. Sibenik is also a place we will remember as very good for dentists.  A wisdom tooth removed with no appointment, professionally and affordable (approx $50AUD). Whilst it’s not something you plan for on holiday, particularly with a language barrier, the outcome could not have been better.

Krka Nationla Park is only about 10km from Sibenik. Named after the Krka River it covers just over 140 square km.  Krka has it all, from shady boardwalks over still water to the thundering waterfalls of Skradinski Buk.  Walking is the only was to see this series of cascades with water coming from all directions as the combined waters of the Krka and Cikola Rivers flow over the 17 steps at Skradinski Buk and is distributed over approximately 800 metres in length. The volume of water coming over the falls is incredible.

A short drive from the National Park is the small town of Skradin. Built on the site of the ancient town of Scardona it has history dating back to 539AD, and has been passed from one occupier to another through the ensuing years. A good thing to do here is to take a walk up to the medieval fortress and enjoy the view from the top of the hill. Oh, and visit a cafe and indulge in a slice of Skradin Cake, it is simply delicious.

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  1. Dad says:

    Bryan & Rosie thank you for sharing such a beautiful place. Would love to see it for real. Superb lens work Bryan.


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