Split & Trogir


So much to see, so little time.

Although I had visited Split before, it was many moons ago and I had stayed in the suburbs with friends.  It was therefore a pleasant surprise to visit Split and enjoy the sights it had to offer, both old and new.

One of the main attractions is the Riva Promenade, an important public space bursting  with cafes and restaurants, a great place to meet up with friends for a drink or perhaps indulge in Gelati.  From here you can either go back in time into the old city,  or look towards the port full of modern cruise liners.

The old city contains Diocletians Palace which dates back 17 centuries. The structure looks more like a fortress, and whilst only a shell in parts is very well preserved. There are cafes nestled amongst the historic facades and a walk down through the sub structures is a must. This is not just an empty space, it is still in use today, not only as a public thoroughfare, but is also home to small stalls selling souvenirs and other  nicnacs. Keep wandering around and there are some beautiful old steets and laneways too.


Trogir is an historic town on the Adriatic Coast less than 30km from Split. We spent a couple of hours here killing time before returning the hire car to Split Airport. Trogir is built on an island, easily acessed by a small bridge.  It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritiage List as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe and the historic centre is captivating. Narrow medieval streets, carved facades and hidden squares to explore. Stop and enjoy a coffee, soak it all up and don’t be in a hurry. The Cathedral of St Lawrence stands on the northern side of the main square and features the beautifully carved “Radovans Portal”.  A climb up the narrow steps to the bell tower (if you like heights) affords a nice view of the town and surrounds.

See more picture here.


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